highway right of way

Right of Way

When we build or improve roads, we often have to acquire property, known as "rights of way".

Right of Way Manuals

Our Rights of Way manuals provide uniform practices for conducting acquisitions, providing relocation assistance, and preparing appraisals. Federally funded projects have additional federal requirements. Our Property Management Manual governs how we manage surplus property.

Approved Firms

Firms who are approved provide Acquisition, Appraisal, and Consultant services to SCDOT are listed in the documents below.


We must provide a Right of Way Certificate to the Federal Highway Administration prior to a project being let for construction. Below are examples of what a certificate should include. If you need further assistance with a certificate, contact the Right of Way Field Administrator at (803) 737-4441.

Utility Accommodations Policy

The Utility Accomodations Policy regulates the location, installation, and adjustment of utility facilities on the State Highway System.

SCDOT Highways and You Brochure

SCDOT Highways and You Brochure

Answers to your questions about public hearings, right of way acquisitions and relocation assistance.

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