Tentative Project Lettings

Notice all Contractors:

SCDOT Tentative Letting schedule listings are intended to provide a preview of planned construction contracts over a twelve month period as well as an estimated total value of construction work for the current federal fiscal year. This information is updated on a monthly basis or as necessary in an attempt to notify interested persons in advance of SCDOT's Current Letting list which serves as the official notice to contractors.

Please note that the published Tentative Letting schedules are subject to change without notice due to project availability, construction market conditions and available transportation funding. SCDOT uses the symbols and notations below to easily recognize any changes from the previous posting.

Added Projects Triangle

– Projects that have been added.

Removed Projects Hexagon

– Projects that have been removed.

Changed Projects Triangle

– Projects that have changed since previous posting.

This accounts for all updates to the list through August 2023.

To view the full list of projects currently in the Tentative Letting list, use the Category links below. These projects are both federal and state funded and are sorted by planned let month.

Project Categories:

The monthly lists are provided as an additional method to view the various types of projects.

Monthly Reports (Opens a pdf file):

Contractors interested in bidding on a proposal(s) and are NOT prequalified to bid on SCDOT construction projects should visit the Prime Contractor Prequalification Web Page. If you have questions please call (803) 737-4459 or email Prequal@SCDOT.org for assistance.