Prime Contractor Pre-qualifications

SCDOT’s prequalification process is to evaluate a contractor to determine the contractor’s responsible business practices, work experience, manpower and equipment. This helps to ensure all requirements are met before bidding on a SCDOT highway construction projects and to confirm, if awarded a contract, the contractor has the capability to successfully complete the contract. This is in the best interest of the people of South Carolina.

To Become a Prime Contractor:

Prime Contractor Prequalification Applications

First-Time Prime Contractor applicants must use the Long Form (Prequalification is not necessary to do subcontract work.)

The application may be filled-out on-line or downloaded and filled-out, but then it must be printed and the Affidavit sheet signed and notarized. If required, add attachments and mail to:

Director of Construction, Room 332
955 Park Street
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 737-2043

Annual Subcontractors List

Using the link below, please provide the requested information for subcontractors that have furnished quotes to your Company for subcontract work on South Carolina Department of Transportation projects during the past 12 months. List all subcontractors that have furnished quotes even if your Company was not successful in obtaining the Contract. A subcontractor that has quoted multiple times need only be listed once.

Annual Subcontractors List – (46Kb Excel)

image of a semi driving across a bridge which is under construction
image of road graders scraping a dirt road

To Renew As A Prime Contractor:

Prime Contractors & Joint Ventures: see the below schedule for the annual prequalification Expiration Dates.

Prime Contractors with an expired status & First-Time Prime Contractor applicants must use the Long Form. Thereafter, the Expiration Date and required form will be as indicated in the Schedule.

Schedule for Expiration Dates & Application Forms (80 Kb)

Policies & Procedures for Prequalification

S.C. Code of Laws, Section 57-5-1650, allows the Department to establish requirements for prequalification of contractors bidding on SCDOT maintenance and construction contracts including joint venture contractors.

Choose the ease and benefits of Direct Deposit

SCDOT Vendors: Choose to sign up for vendor direct deposit with the South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office. This option is available and allows vendors to receive their payments sooner than waiting for a hardcopy check to be printed and delivered through the mail.