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Business Development Center

The Business Development Center (BDC) helps socially and economically disadvantaged businesses certified through the SC Unified Certification Program (SCUCP) to compete in the transportation industry in South Carolina. The BDC offers a variety of services to include:

  • Financial Management Assistance (bond and Loan)
  • Marketing Assistance (developing business and marketing plans)
  • Training and Business Development
  • Special Events
  • Bid Information
  • Bidding & Contract Assistance
  • On-site Technical Project Consultation
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Education & Training

Courses are offered, throughout South Carolina, to assist qualified firms in developing skills that are critical to operating a business. Courses are adjusted yearly to meet customer needs. Download our catalog to see what's offered!

Work Zone Traffic Control Training Requirements

Work Zone Traffic Control Training
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Training Tuition Assistance (TTA) Program

Financial assistance for training is available for key employees of certified DBE firms for technical and management development programs, seminars and certifications. Programs MUST be approved in advance!

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National Highway Institute Training

The National Highway Institute (NHI), a division of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), works to improve the performance of the transportation industry through training. We provide training resources to customers, partners, and course participants through States, local governments, and private organizations.

National Highway Institute
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DBE Technical Assistance Program

Need assistance with barriers encountered while performing work on SCDOT contracts? DBE Technical Advisors are available to assist you at 803.737.6426.