2024-2025 Pavement Improvement Program

Rehab and Reconstruction Projects on the Primaries, Farm to Market Secondaries and Neighborhood Streets

The selection of projects for the Proposed 2025 Pavement Improvement Program followed a ranking process that relies on objective and measurable criteria. These criteria align with the Ten-Year Plan, support the performance targets outlined in the Transportation Asset Management Plan, and prioritize a fair distribution of paving funds across all counties in the state. This approach guarantees that every county receives its share of funding for pavement improvements.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation Commission approved the Agency's 2025 Pavement Improvement Program by adding another $719 million to the previously invested $3.6 billion in pavement improvements across the state of South Carolina since the Strategic 10-Year plan was implemented. This is the eighth year of an accelerated pavement improvement program and adds another 727 miles of roadway to the more than 8,800 miles of ongoing road work.

Pavement Improvement Interactive Map

A South Carolina map with 2024-2025 pavement projects marked.  Clicking the image will take you to an interactive mapping application with more details.  The same information is available as a pdf list on this page.

New Gas Tax Trust Fund

See how gas tax money is being used to fund $1 Billion in road and bridge work across the state.

Gas Tax Trust Fund