New Gas Tax Trust Fund

See how the money is being used to fund $3 Billion in road and bridge work across the state.

The new gas tax is funding over one billion dollars in road and bridge work. The money is being spent on these programs: $1.321 Billion in Paving Projects, $167 Million on Rural Road Safety Projects, $268 Million on Interstate Widenings, and $18 Million on additional Bridge Projects.  These numbers are updated monthly.

Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall presented an update on SCDOT to the SC State Senate Transportation Committee and the SCDOT Commission in February 2023.

In 2017, The General Assembly passed legislation to increase the State gas tax by 12 cents by phasing in the increase at 2 cents per year for six years. These funds are deposited into a new trust fund called the Infrastructure Maintenance Trust Fund (IMTF). These new revenues, coupled with other Federal and State funds, form the Financial foundation of SCDOT's ten year plan and performance targets.