SCDOT File Transfer (FTP) Interface


The SCDOT File Transfer (FTP) allows customers to upload/download data using a web browser interface. Users are granted access to this site as deemed appropriate due to the firm being granted contracts/agreements to perform duties for the SCDOT.

The Web Browser Interface can be used from any internet connected device outside of the SCDOT's network. This method limits the data size to 2GB per file and the data count to 5 per upload attempt. Internet Explorer 8 or higher is the recommended browser. Data upload/download using the web interface will be retained for 32 days.

Users may visit to access the ftp web interface.

The SCDOT FTP Server User's Guide provides descriptions and screen shots of a desktop client user and a web client user. Firms doing business with the SCDOT need to refer to the web client user portion of the manual.

SCDOT FTP Server User Guide - FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

SCDOT Access Only

SCDOT Consultants - Each vendor needs their own Microsoft account (personal, school, or work).

Only share sub site or the contents of the sub site with the specific vendor.

SCDOT is migrating from our current SCDOT on premise FTP server to the SCDOT Microsoft SharePoint Cloud storage. With this change, every user, who is not an employee of SCDOT, and who needs to access the SCDOT Microsoft SharePoint cloud storage will be required to have a valid Microsoft account and will be responsible for creating the account if needed.

Examples of valid Microsoft accounts are,,,, or Please note that if your corporate email is hosted by Microsoft via Office 365, then your corporate email address is a valid Microsoft account and can be used to access the SCDOT SharePoint Cloud storage. SCDOT employees will use their SCDOT email account as it is hosted by Microsoft Office 365.

SCDOT - Microsoft SharePoint Cloud Storage Access

  1. Visit
  2. Login requires a valid work, school, or personal Microsoft account.
  3. Enter valid Microsoft Account Password
  4. Enter Password

SharePoint Cloud - Office 365 - User Manual