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Environmental Services

The mission of the Environmental Services Office (ESO) is to efficiently and effectively maneuver all SCDOT Construction and Maintenance projects through the NEPA process, permit acquisition, and compliance.

NEPA Division

NEPA evaluates environmental impacts and compiles and documents information pertaining to the physical environment, communities, and natural, cultural, and socioeconomic resources during the preconstruction phase.

Permitting Division

Permitting assesses impacts to waters of the U.S., coordinates with agencies to complete Jurisdictional Determinations and Critical Lines, obtains all required federal and state environmental permits and certifications, and coordinates with lead, participating, and commenting agencies to develop Compensatory Mitigation Plans during the preconstruction phase.

Compliance Division

Compliance ensures all environmental commitments are adhered to during the construction phase and monitoring commitments are met post-construction.

Environmental Videos

Hydrology Explained

Highway Noise Explained

NEPA Decision-Making

NEPA's Role

Environmental Services Tool Shed

The SCDOT Environmental Services Tool Shed is our repository for documents, forms, templates, references, and guidelines about transportation and the environment and federal, state and agency environmental requirements.

Environmental Mileposts Newsletter

Check out the March 2018 edition of Environmental Mileposts from the Environmental Services Office (ESO).

Team Members Environmental Services

Chad Long

Director of Environmental Services

Henry Phillips

NEPA Division Manager

Sean Connolly

Permits Division Manager

Mickey Queen, P.E.

Compliance Division Manager

Betty Gray

Environmental Office Manager

Will McGoldrick

Design Build Environmental Coordinator

Team Members NEPA

David Kelly

RPG 1 NEPA Coordinator/ Architectural Historian/Noise

Christopher Cooper

RPG 2 NEPA Coordinator/Air Quality/Hazardous Waste

Ed Frierson

RPG 3 NEPA Coordinator/ Biologist

Bill Jurgelski

RPG 4 NEPA Coordinator/ Archaeologist

Jeff Craver

Traffic/Maintenance NEPA Coordinator/ Archaeologist

Nicole Riddle

Public Involvement Coordinator/ Biologist

Tracy Martin

Chief Archaeologist



Team Members Permitting

Vince McCarron

Mitigation Analyst

Erin Jenkins

RPG 2 Permits Coordinator

Siobhan Gordon

RPG 3 Permits Coordinator/ Biologist

Jackie Galloway

RPG 3 Permitting Coordinator

Ann-Marie Altman

RPG 4 Permitting Coordinator/ Biologist

Jeff Siceloff

Traffic/ Maintenance Permits Coordinator

Chris Beckham

RPG 1 Permits Coordinator

Team Members Compliance

Jessica Kennedy

Compliance Manager

Christopher Neely

Compliance Manager

Koty Brown, P.E.

Compliance Manager