CADD Design

The following documents contain the standards and procedures consultants are required to use.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the application of SCDOT's Microstation CADD Workspaces, please contact the Design Automation Office of Preconstruction Support.

Production Versions:
Power GEOPAK (SS10) Version
Iplot (Connect Edition) Version

Training and Testing Version:
OpenRoads Designer 10.12
OpenBridge Designer 10.12

Whats' New 05/2018
Roadway CADD Manual 12/2019
CADD Contacts 11/2019
Electronic File Policy 12/2023
Geopak Roadway Manual 05/2008
Geopak Class Data Files 05/2008
SUE Cadd Manual 07/2012

Complete Microstation and Geopak Workspace
Complete Workspace in a self extracting .exe 04/2021
(Includes Road, Bridge and Traffic files for Microstation and GEOPAK Standards)
Installation Instructions

SCDOT OpenRoads Designer Workspace

SCDOT ORD Training Class - Chapters 1 & 2 (2023_08)
(Training class folder includes SCDOT ORD Configuration)

SCDOT OpenBridge Designer Tools

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